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Help is at hand for small and micro-businesses across Sedgemoor and Somerset West and Taunton.  The councils have joined up to help support small and micro businesses save on energy with a specialised grant scheme, worth up to £2,500 for projects that help reduce energy consumption and help towards achieving carbon net zero.

There are many ways in which businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, from reducing waste by re-using and recycling to limiting energy use at night and replacing fuel-powered vehicles with electric cars and bikes.  Businesses will need to do projects and then claim back what they have spent, capped at £2,500.

Examples of projects that could be funded through the grant scheme are:

  • Heating or lighting controls installation
  • Replacement of equipment to more energy efficient equipment
  • Replacing traditional lightbulbs with LED lighting
  • Waste segregation solutions
  • Electric transport solutions
  • Efficient glazing
  • Reuse and recycle projects
  • Repairs cafes
  • Staff training
  • Carbon offsetting

Applications open on Wednesday, 16th November and closes on December 8th.

Businesses in Sedgemoor should apply by visiting:

Energy Efficiency Grant (

Businesses in Somerset West and Taunton should apply by visiting:

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